Herbal blend

Your AUTHENTIA meditating journey in the senses of Greek land. Sips of tranquility, joy, relaxation and mindfulness.

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Authentia, Organic Foods, Hot beverages, Herbal blend

Harvested carefully by hand, in sustainable organic farms situated in Mount Erymanthos’ foothills, Peloponnese cultivated in an ideal microclimate contributing to the unique and characteristic taste. AUTHENTIA herbal mix of Organic Tea, Sage and Lemon Balm is your combined journey in the aromas and senses of Greece. Enjoy it as a hot, aromatic beverage and offer to yourself the benefits of a healing, relaxing and meditating experience letting off steam and revitalizing your mental and body status. Treat yourself in an authenti(a)c style!

Product details

Certified EU Organic
Free from impurities
Suitable for Vegans
Suitable for Vegetarians
Fully recyclable packaging
Fully traceable "from farm to glass"


Barcode (EAN/GTIN): 5200250030832

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Certifications / Accreditations

EU Organic Farming, Produced and packed in Greece in fully Certified Facilities

Suggestions for use:

Pour 150ml of boiling water over 1 tablespoon of herbal blend for 5-7 minutes and then strain. Serve optionally with honey or lemon.


Our mission

We seek unique, authentic tastes in every corner of Greece, and we co-operate only with people that truly believe in what they produce, following the finest standards, being at the same time proud of their creations. 


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