Authentia foods

Olives. olive oil, dried fruits, pasta, spirits, spreads, honey and more ...




Authentia Organic




Dried fruits, pasta, snacks, olive oil and more ....

Greek specialites

Authentia foods

AUTHENTIA is a strongly connected team. A family of cultivators, producers, standardizers, scientists, supply chain executives, sales experts, all dedicated and committed to one common goal: To find, test and propose the very best available Greek products in the food spectrum.”

Authentia foods

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“We are inspired and committed to our “FISIS Values Model"

Quality Organic Food

Dried Fruits, Olive Oil, Olives, Pasta, Spirits, Spreads, Honey, Hot Beverages ...

Professional Farmers

From Crete, Chios Island, Central Greece, Evia Island, Peloponnese, Corinth, Attica

Quality Products

High quality products without without Preservatives


Our mission

We seek unique, authentic tastes in every corner of Greece, and we co-operate only with people that truly believe in what they produce, following the finest standards, being at the same time proud of their creations. 


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