Mixed Green Olives

In a jar, we packed and we offer four of the most famous Greek varieties of table olives: Kalamata, Halkidiki, Amfissa and Throumba. Marinated in thyme, basil and extra virgin Greek olive oil.


Olives, Kalamata Olives

AUTHENTIA packed and offers you the unique fleshy olives with characteristic almond shape and rich flavor, marinated in aniseed and Greek extra virgin olive oil.


Pitted Chalkidiki Green Olives

AUTHENTIA packed and presents yet another known Greek table olive, the green Chalkidiki olives, pitted marinated with mint and Greek extra virgin olive oil.


Sun – Dried, Throumba Olives

The Greek olive savory is unique because it ripens on the tree and the sun dried texture develops without chemical treatment.


Our mission

We seek unique, authentic tastes in every corner of Greece, and we co-operate only with people that truly believe in what they produce, following the finest standards, being at the same time proud of their creations. 


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