Corinthian Currants

The “black treasure” of the Corinthian land, small in size but great in health value!

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Authentia, Corinthian Currants

This black, small grape seed of the cultivate “Vitis Vinifera” is the proof of the Greek folclor proverb that “exceptional treasures hide in small bottles”. Full of healthy benefits but, above all, with a low glycemic index, making it extremely beneficial either to people with diabetic or heart issues or sports fans that need a low-sugars, balanced diet, they are considered a “super-food”. With a characteristic, subtle, sweet but flavourful taste (contrary to other widely-consumed grape products) it is a natural source of vitamins and anti-oxidants that you can enjoy directly or in other culinary preparations.

Product details

Free from aflatoxins
Low glycemic index
Without added but only natural sugars
Suitable for Vegetarians
Suitable for Vegans
Fully traceable "from farm to fork"
Fully recyclable packaging

200g, 500g, Bulk (Carton / EPS)

Barcode (EAN/GTIN): 5200250030979

Contact us for carton / pallet layouts

Certifications / Accreditations

IFS, Produced and packed in Greece in fully Certified Facilities

Suggestions for use:

Suitable to consume as-is, exceptional for salads, perfect ingredient for sweets (e.g., tarts, cakes, etc.) or a Mediterranean breakfast, extremely tasty as a jam or chutney, perfectly combined with nuts (e.g., pistachios, almonds) and alcoholic beverages (e.g., whisky, rum, etc.), excellent pairing with Greek strained yoghurt and honey.


Our mission

We seek unique, authentic tastes in every corner of Greece, and we co-operate only with people that truly believe in what they produce, following the finest standards, being at the same time proud of their creations. 


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