We, the people of "Authentia"

"Authentia" and the exceptional Greek food products

“Authentia”, like most companies, is a reflection of its people. We are a team of cultivators, producers, standardizers and scientists that are working closely with one common goal: find, test and propose the very best available Greek products in the food spectrum.

Our relationship to Greek food is one of intimacy, as we were nourished through it, it makes up our family’s daily dietary basis.

We are aware of what our land has to offer, how to cultivate it by combining cutting-edge knowledge with techniques that travel back in generations. We use the most contemporary international specifications of production and standardization.
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We seek unique tastes in every corner of our country’s land and we co-operate only with people that truly believe in what they produce, being at the same time proud of their creations. It is with this group of people that we keep close contact with as well as business relations.

We support their efforts by providing all the necessary metrics and analyses that safeguard constant safe and top nutritional quality.

The people of “Authentia” stand behind every labeled package which is directly related to exceptional Greek nutritional products, our people and our passion for great Greek food products.

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