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Chios Island

Situated in the eastern edge of the Aegean Sea, overlooking the Ionia City of Asia Minor, Chios is well known for its mastic unique, globally, production. But there is more “magic” to be found on this island as well. Chios claims to be the birthplace of Homer in addition to having a long history dating back to the Neolithic Age, which includes classes with pirates from the Saracen Empire and the Turks during the Greek Revolution. Chios has a vivid production history with several local products. Fresh citrus fruits, dairy products, ouzo aperitif, mastiquer aperitif, sweet preserves, wine (the known in Ancient Greece as “Arousios” wine because Oinopeon, the son of God Dionysus, taught the people of Chios how to plant and cultivate vineyards), beer, honey, aromatic herbs, edible olives (e.g., Chios “Throumba” olives), peanut and almond butter are among its’ finest productions. “Souma”, their traditional aperitif made of fermented dried figs and mastic, the heavenly created natural resin that comes from the “mastiha” tree (skinos) are among the most known Greek products all over the world!



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We seek unique, authentic tastes in every corner of Greece, and we co-operate only with people that truly believe in what they produce, following the finest standards, being at the same time proud of their creations. 


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