Authentia Honey

"Authentia" and the exceptional Greek food products
Greek honey has been called “Nectar of the Gods” for over 3000 years.
If you have traveled to Greece or tasted Greek Honey, you may be familiar with its colors, variety and tastes. Honey from Greece is considered among the finest honeys in the world. Greece’s nature values such as unlimited summer sun, biodiversity of the Greek countryside plus the rich variety of Greek flora which includes over 850 species are found nowhere in the world! Earth scientists and botanists consider Greece a country with the richest flora in the Mediterranean area.

Authentia has selected for its range of products two of the most well-known honeys: Organic Forest and Thyme Honey and Organic Fir Honey. Each one of them has excellent taste and aromas and are full of various nutrients that constitute two excellent options for a day’s starter or to include them as an excellent ingredient for magical cooking creations.

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