Our Products

Greek “Authentia” products, choices from a unique land


All “Authentia’s” products possess some common characteristics.

They are proudly produced in Greece with care, in contemporary production facilities adhering to the strictest international specifications, from Greek raw materials cultivated with dedication.

From plants and fields directly to your table…… nothing is left unattended.

Our line of products, are “ambassadors” of Mediterranean nutrition - one of the healthiest worldwide proposition – which is being scientifically proven on its positive contribution to health and longevity.


More so, “Authentia“ labels are recognized by their highest quality standards and their unique nutritional value.

We try very hard to sustain their natural attributes, thus avoiding usage of any additives and preservatives.

We strictly verify that our company's values are applied in every milestone of production, being backed up by the corresponding scientific analyses and certifications, promising that this will hold for every product of “Authentia” in present and future times alike.

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