Our Philosophy

Authentic Greek food, top quality and of high nutritional value

“Authentia” was created by people with substantial domain expertise aiming to become a stable “Communication Bridge” of Greek nutritional products, the international markets and their consumers.


Having foreseen pressing export issues of the local market, coupled with the maturity of international demand and quality recognition of Greek products, we formulated the necessary structure and the appropriate partners so that we can promptly cater to this exciting challenge.

We have put together an internal valued proposition that is based on the trilateral basis of: “high quality – healthy eating habits – attainable pricing”, adhering to the principles of Mediterranean dietary standards, selecting every one of our products with the strictest criteria in every facet of their production.

We aspire to be a valued strategic international sourcing partner with firms that possess the same vision. Additionally, we strive to be the first consumer’s choice in every product category which we will cater for.

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